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网站历史库(www.54zz.com):London's world-famous Harrods store is to be given a 268 million US dollars makeover to attract more Chinese shoppers. The revamp will be the biggest and most ambitious in the luxury store's history, its owners have confirmed. A key aim of the project is to appeal to Chinese customers who are already Harrods' second-highest spenders after British shoppers, managing director Michael Ward said in media interviews on Friday. Ward said: "This ambitious store development, the most comprehensive in Harrods history, will invest in some of our most exciting retail divisions and redesign our store around the expectations of our discerning global customer base." The store boss added that Chinese customers are extremely important to Harrods and considered part of their redevelopment plans. "For us the future is in the east and we have been focusing on that for a number of years," added Ward, adding research had shown that one in every five pounds that Chinese visitors spend in London is spent at Harrods. One thing that won't change is the famous exterior of the store with its 12,000 light bulbs and green awnings. Harrods was founded by Charles Henry Harrod as a small shop mainly selling tea. It has grown into one of the best-known shops in the world and attracts more than 15 million visitors every year. Harrods recently reported its annual sales had broken through the 2-billion pounds mark (2.67 billion US dollars) for the first time.主场!嘿,年又过去半,你的文包里还少了!抓住年中618,马上补齐,下半年工作从此不!这个618,给你带来一款超燃的商务神器!看光1放肆出激!直降!流直下三千尺,你狂喜不狂喜3499!光峰光微1,从如光1作为光峰2017年更、更燃的光微投新作,还是光光源,app注册送18元彩金。




平台之,已58同城、滴滴打车聚美优品等众知名企业提供云服务,曾因帮助锤子技在新品发布会成功抵御网络攻击而引起广泛关,腾云也承载腾下一业绩增长点的使命。世界工厂网与腾云实现共赢于此合作,世界工厂网和腾云均表示双方充分了解、相互信任的然结果,共赢&#;,&#;,&#;。,。,。Xunlei Networking Technologies Co, a large online video company in China, said on Tuesday that some financial businesses using the Xunlei logo are not controlled or operated by Xunlei, and it is withdrawing the logo authorization to protect its users and investors.Such businesses as "Xunlei Finance", "Xunlei Yidai" and "Xunlei loves trade" all belong to the Xunlei Big Data Information Services Co and its subsidiaries, which are not developed under Xunlei, the NASDAQ-listed firm said in a post on its Sina Weibo account on Tuesday.Big Data Co was invested in by Xunlei in August 2016, but Xunlei's share in the company had decreased to 28.77 percent as of December 2016, meaning it lost the board seat accordingly, said the post.Xunlei has officially withdrawn the authorization for Big Data Co and its subsidiaries to use Xunlei's logo, it noted.However, the Shenzhen-based Xunlei Big Data Co rebutted Xunlei's post the same day on its WeChat account, saying that the establishment of the company and its financial affiliates were approved by the Xunlei board, and that the logo it is using is protected by an agreement and the law.Xunlei's shares slumped on Tuesday in the US bourse, falling 17.6 percent as of press time.。


Afghan security forces have captured a key leader of Islamic State (IS) group, Shirzad Anwarov, in the northern Jawzjan province, police spokesman in the northern region, Sayed Sarwar Hussaini said Saturday. "The security forces have captured Shirzad Anwarov, a key leader of IS during an operation in Jawzjan province," Hussaini told Xinhua. The arrested person, according to the official is from Bukhara region of Uzbekistan and had led Uzbek militants loyal to the Islamic State in northern Afghan region. Shirzad Anwarov had used several names to disguise himself, Hussaini said, adding the security forces were able to locate and arrest the wanted man. The official, however, declined to provide more details. IS militants who have stronger presence in Jawzjan than in any other northern provinces, have yet to make comment on the report.The German energy provider EWE and scientists from the Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena told press on Thursday that they have made progress in their plans to build the world's most powerful battery. The joint "brine4power" project aims to make use of underground salt caverns to store energy within the next six years. A saltwater brine and electrically-charged synthetic particles are hereby intended to transform the subterranean cavities into giant batteries according to a principle known as Redox-Flow. The team behind the "brine4power" has now presented encouraging intermediary results of their work to press in Berlin. "We have the chance to achieve something really revolutionary and make Germany a battery country again," Ulrich Schubert of the Center for Energy and Environmental Chemistry in Jena said in a statement. The need for electricity storage arises from the fluctuation nature of renewable energy generated by wind and sun. Although the cost of generating renewable energy has fallen dramatically over the past decade relative to conventional energy sources, there is still a lack of efficient means for providers to manage uneven output. But "brine4power" wants to contribute to the solution of this issue by creating a Redox-Flow battery with so far unmatched capacity of 700 megawatt hours which could sustain 75,000 households for an entire day. The project has consequently attracted widespread international attention and was first featured in the prestigious scientific journal "Nature" in 2016. EWE already operates 38 underground salt caverns in four locations across Germany and has identified one of its facility on the North Sea coast as being a particularly suitable site due to its proximity to the offshore wind park Riffgat. However, EWE's salt caverns are currently still all occupied for use as natural gas storage facilities. "At the moment, all of our caverns are marketed," project director Ralf Riekenberg told press. Riekenberg noted that a large capital investment is required to realize "brine4power". "If we go underground, we will spend a lot of money," Riekenberg said. EWE representative Dietmar Bucker told Xinhua that "the necessary salt deposits for the technology exist in many countries around the world," adding that a "global licensing was conceivable after a successful patent process."。



Nine agreements were signed Thursday in Strumica, eastern Macedonia, at the first joint meeting of the governments of Macedonia and Bulgaria, Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev's press office announced. These nine agreements aimed at further fostering the cooperation between the two countries mainly in the fields of foreign policy, investments, energy, defense, tourism, telecommunication, infrastructure and preventing natural disasters. The signing was made with the presence of Zaev and his visiting Bulgarian counterpart Boiko Borissov. Among the agreements there was a protocol on cooperation to organize training for Macedonian servicemen at military schools in Bulgaria, an agreement on cutting international roaming charges in telecoms services. The two countries also signed a deal on preparing a feasibility study regarding the construction of a new gas inter-system connection. The cadastre agencies of the two countries inked an agreement to share cartographic and geodetic materials and information. Zaev and Borissov considered the joint meeting in Strumica as a proof for further cooperation between two countries as well as the development of the relations.自助领取彩金38Humanitarian aid workers and medical supplies began arriving in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa on Saturday, UN officials said, after the easing of a nearly three-week military blockade that sparked an international outcry.Aid groups have welcomed the decision to let aid in but said flights are not enough to avert humanitarian crisis. About 7 million people face famine in Yemen and their survival depends on international assistance."First plane landed in Sanaa this morning with humanitarian aid workers," the World Food Programme's regional spokeswoman Abeer Etefa told Reuters in an e-mail, while officials at Sanaa airport said two other UN flights had arrived on Saturday.The UN children's fund UNICEF said one flight carried "over 15 tons" of vaccines that will protect some 600,000 children."The needs are huge and there is much more to do for #YemenChildren," the world body said on Twitter.Airport director Khaled al-Shayef said that apart from the vaccinations shipment, a flight carrying eight employees of the International Committee of the Red Cross had also landed."Sanaa airport was closed from November 6 until today, more than 18 days and this closure caused an obstruction to the presence of aid workers," he told Reuters in Sanaa."There are more than 500 employees trapped either inside or outside being denied travel as well as 40 flights that were denied arrival at Sanaa airport."Colonel Turki al-Maliki, spokesman for the Saudi-led military coalition that closed the ports, said three more aid flights had been approved for Sunday.The coalition, which is fighting the armed Houthi movement in Yemen with backing from the United States, said on Wednesday it would allow aid in through the Red Sea ports of Hodeidah and Salif, as well as UN flights to Sanaa.The coalition closed air, land and sea access in a move it said was to stop the flow of Iranian arms to the Houthis, who control much of northern Yemen.The action came after Saudi Arabia intercepted a missile fired toward Riyadh. Iran denied again on Saturday supplying weapons to the Houthis.Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said that Tehran would welcome the lifting of blockade and "any initiative that alleviates the pain of Yemeni people."的样张,有色彩丰富的山路样张、美食样张等等从这些样张的景深虚化信,推测一5或将采用变焦双摄的解决方案,摄像头有效像素在1600万起步,光圈18起,力求打高清双摄,就是清晰。但对摄像头的其他具体参数,尚未得知,还待官方进步公布除了双摄以外,这一次一5在产品上。