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网站历史库(www.54zz.com):German Chancellor Angela Merkel told Turkey to stop u。sing Nazi references in an escalating row between the NATO allies over the cancellation of Turkish ministers' rallies in Germany.Turkey is fuming that some German authorities have stopped its ministers from campaigning among Germany's large Turkish community for President Tayyip Erdogan's bid to boost his powers.Berlin, meanwhile, is angry about the arrest。 of a Turkish-German journalist in Istanbul held on terrorism charges and has repeatedly called for his release.Merkel spoke unusually bluntly in the Bundestag lower house of parliament, saying she was saddened by the deep differences which were dividing the allies despite common causes.The Ukrainian government has recently declared the territory around Chernobyl nuclear power plant as a biosphere reserve because wildlife in the abandoned area is flourishing without human pres。ence. On April 26, 1986, one of the worst nuclear accidents in human history occurred at the Chernobyl plant, when a series of explosions ripped through the reactor No. 4. They sent the clouds of radiation in the air, forcing people living in the area of about 2,600 square kilometers around the plant to leave their homes forever. Almost 31 years after the disaster, the population of wild animals in the 30-km-radius exclusion。 zone around the plant has risen significantly due to the absence of residential population and a ban on hunting, forestry, fishing and farming activities. "The wildlife around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has been self-restored. Many plants and animals that are included in the Red List of Threatened Species have returned to the area," said Vitaly Petruk, the head of the State Agency on exclusion zone management. The population of wolves now exceeds the normal levels, Petruk said. The disaster area also became a safe haven for rare species, such as deer, elk, lynx, owls and even brown bears, which previously were believed to have migrated from Ukraine. Besides, the population of Przewalski horses, which were brought in the region in the 1990s as a part of government efforts to revive the contaminated territory is rising. With the increased number of wild species, Chernobyl zone has good prospects to become one of the most beautiful natural parks in Europe after safe tourist routes will be established along wildlife habitats. Before that time, the venue, which does not include the contaminated 10-km-radius territory surrounding the devastated nuclear power plant, is due to be used primarily for scientific purposes and research. The reserve is divided into three parts -- conservation area, protective zone and territory under the anthropogenic influence, with each part representing a unique value for science. The scientific activities in the newly-established biosphere reserve would be combined with research in the Red Forest, the wooden region around the devastated Chernobyl plant, where pine trees turned ginger-colored after they were affected by high doses of radiation. "This territory is used as an international radiological testing area because there are few territories with such conditions in the world," said Denis Vishnevsky, head of Ecocenter, an ecological group for radiation monitoring in Chernobyl area. It draws scientists from all over the globe, including Europe and the United States, who make radioecological and radiobiological research, Vishnevsky added. To improve the environmental situation in the exclusion zone and the welfare of wild animals living at the site, scientists plan to cover about 2 square kilometers of the biosphere reserve with new trees and greenery this year. The Ukrainian government has allocated about 200,000 US dollars to support the development of the reserve.排列三微信群。


China's finance minister on Tuesday reiterated confidence in controlling debt risks despite some irregularities in local governments' financing activities. "China's government debt risks are generally within control," Finance Minister Xiao Jie said at a press conference on the sidelines of the annual parliamentary session. By the end of last year, combined debt of central and local governments in China stood at 27.33 trillion yuan (about 3.96 trillion US dollars), with the debt-to-GDP ratio at around 36.7 percent, Xiao said, adding there won't be big changes in the ratio this year. Compared to international。 levels, the r。elatively low ratio allows room for the government to further raise debt, Xiao noted. Acknowledging the existence of illegal debt-raising practices by some local governments, the minister vowed to take multiple steps to contain debt growth. To rein in rising debt risks, China overhauled the management of government bonds in 2014, streamlining fund-raising channels for local authorities while putting a cap on annual bond issues. In November last year, China floated a four-grade emergency plan for local government debt risks, a precautionary arrangement for "fiscal re-balancing" on the part of local government.山西11选5手机购彩During a press conference at the ONF Media Forum, Vladimir Putin revealed to journalists his preferences and habits.Replying to questions asked by journalists, Putin said that he prefers to drink tea in the morning rather than coffee. His favorite dish turned out to be traditional Russian porridge. Although he confessed that he can eat any kind of porridge except for cereal."Today I ate porridg。e made of rice. Usually, it is rice, buckwheat," the Russian President said.Answering the question about what is the most difficult thing for him to do, Vladimir Putin said: "To get up in the morning."He also confessed that when he has free time, he likes reading classic literature.A contest for the most concise question to the president took place on the eve of the ONF Media Forum "Truth and Justice." Part。icipants could ask the Russian President any question and receive brief answers from the head of state in return.。

There is no plan to submit a property tax bill to lawmakers for deliberation this year, a spokesperson for the annual session of China's top legislature said Saturday. "There have been a lot of discussions on this issue, as such a bill involves a wide range of interests," Fu Ying, spokeswoman for the fifth session of the 12th National People's Congress (NPC), said at a press conference. China's current housing tax mechanism mainly taxes development and sales of a property, without taxing home ownership or the market value of homes. As part of the efforts to cool the property market amid growing public complaints over runaway housing prices, China introduced a trial property tax in cities like C。hongqing and Shanghai in 2010. A reform plan approved by the Third Plenary。 Session of the 18th Communist Party of China Central Committee in 2013 made clear that the legislation of taxes in the property sector would be accelerated.山西11选5手机购彩。

The first freight train to run from Britain to China was due to depart on Monday, carrying vitamins, ba。by products and other goods as Britain seeks to burnish its global trading credentials for its departure from the EU.The journey from eastern England to eastern China will take three weeks, around half the time needed for the equivalent journey by sea. The first freight train from China arrived in Britain in January.The train will leave a depot at Stanford-Le-Hope in Essex for Barking in east London, before passing through the Channel Tunnel into France and on to Belgium, Germany, Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan.Britain is seeking to enhance its trade links with the r。est of the world as it prepares to leave the EU in two years."This new rail link with China is another boost for global Britain, following the ancient Silk Road trade route to carry British products around the world," said Greg Hands, a British trade minister.Run by Yiwu Timex Industrial Investment, the Yiwu-London freight service makes London the 15th European city to have a direct rail link with China since the 2013 unveiling of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative."This is the first export train and just the start of a regular direct service between the UK and China," Feng Xubin, chairman of Yiwu Timex Industrial Investment Co, said.,,,。,。,。,。Three Turkish soldiers were killed and five others injured during anti-terror operations in Turkey's southeastern Sirnak province, local media reported early Tuesday. The soldiers were carrying out operations against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terrorist group in the region of Kupeli Mountain, when an improvised explosive planted by PKK te。rrorists was detonated. Media sources stated that anti-terror operations 。in the region were continuing. The PKK is listed as a terrorist organization in Turkey, the US and the EU. According to the statistics from Anadolu Agency, more than 1,200 people, including security force personnel and civilians, has been killed since the group resumed its armed campaign in July 2015.。


After weeks of bitter accusations between the Balkan nations of Serbia and 。Croatia, the leaders of both countries moved to smooth relations after a dispute sparked by the offering of Serbian chocolate to Croatian children.Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic drew the ire of her fellow citizens in December after she gave the sweets to delighted kids in the Adriatic city of Dubrovnik.The city was the site of a deadly siege by Serbian forces during the 1991-95 war, and critics saw the chocolate as a insult to the memory of the Croats killed there.The give was particularly hard to swallow as it was made on December 6, the 25th anniversary of a crucial battle to defend Dubrovnik from Serb forces.Grabar-Kitarovic publicly apologized a day later, but that only soured relations further after Belgrade denounced its neighbor's "incomprehensible racism."But on Tuesday, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic was all smiles as he offered more of the chocolate to his Croatian counterpart Andrej Plenkovic, along with other sweets and products made by the confectionery maker.The two leaders m。et at a regional economic forum in the southern Bosiann town of Mostar.Asked if he intended to eat the chocolate, Plenkovic replied, "Without problem," Serbia's Tanjug news agency reported.Ties between the two former Yugoslav republics remain fragile, however, as Belgrade and Zagreb continually trade accusations over war crimes committed by their forces during the 1991-95 war but also during World War II.AFPModel Cara Taylor walks the runway at the Chanel Fashion Show in Paris on Tuesday. Photo: IC Chanel led out its space-themed Paris fashion week show Tuesday with a 15-year-old model days after an unnamed big brand was criticized for "trying to sneak 15-year-olds" onto the catwalk.With the fashion world shaken by the row over the alleged mistreatment of scores of models at a "cattle call" casting for Balenciaga, Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld denied that the athletic US teenager Cara Taylor was too young to be on the runway."No that is ridiculous," he told AFP. "Kate Moss and Naomi (Campbell) all started at 12, 13, 14."They come with their mothers. In my studios there are no drugs and no one jumps on them," the 83-year-old veteran said.Last week US casting director James Scully hit out at top fashion labels for using underage models.In his Instagram post which revealed how models were left to wait for hours in a staircase for the Balenciaga casting, he claimed "another big house is trying to sneak 15-year-olds into Paris."It's inconceivable to me that people have no regard for human decency or the lives and feelings of these girls, especially when too too many of these models are under the age of 18 and clearly not equipped to be here," Scully added.Taylor also featured in the Dior show last week.Discovered on Instagram, Taylor, a high school volleyball player from Alabama, has the potential to be a catwalk star, Lagerfeld declared. He used her for his Milan show for Fendi last month, w。here she also walked for Versace and Valentino."She has something," said the creator known as the Kaiser for his mastery of the fashion scene."Fifteen is young. For photos she has to learn a bit yet because she is not used to it. She is a young girl." New York fashion week asks that models should be at least 16 to take part in its shows, while a similar gentleman's agreement exists in London.No such restrictions exists in Paris or Milan.Taylor, however, already appeared in an Alexander Wang show in New York in September.Taylor is not the youngest model ever to lead out a top Paris catwalk show. The Israeli model Sofia Mechetner, who was 14 at the time, was the star of a Dior haute couture show two years ago.Nor was Taylor the youngest person on the Chanel catwalk for its spectacular show, which featured a 37-meter space rocket as。 its centerpiece.Lagerfeld's 8-year-old godson Hudson Kroenig - already a catwalk veteran - was among 90 models featured in the show.AFPNewspaper headline: Fashion controversy。

China's political advisors on Thursday discussed ways to improve regulation of e-commerce during a bi-weekly consultation session. Members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee agreed that e-commerce has become an important engine of economic growth, and rapid development of e-commerce has greatly contributed to economic growth, employment and people's well-being. However, they added, some problems remain, including sale of counterfeit products, infringement of intellectual property rights, false advertising and security of personal information. Some political advisors have called for speeding up legislation, regulation and creation of standards for e-commerce, better integrating technology with regulation, as well as studying emerging and。 potential problems in e-commerce development. They suggested properly defining responsibilities of government agencies and e-commerce platforms, saying that the government should support and regulate the development of the platforms, while platforms should fulfill duties such as protecting consumers' personal information. Yu Zhengsheng, cha。irman of the CPPCC National Committee, presided over the session.China, the world's biggest coking coal importer, is covering Australian supply disruptions after Cyclone Debbie by turning to the US.Debbie, which hit Australia's state of Queensland last week, caused the evacuation of several mines and damaged coal trains supplying export terminals, triggering two miners - Yancoal Australia and QCoal - to declare force maje。ure on deliveries. With other miners like BHP Billiton and Glencore also affected, more disruptions may follow.Force majeure is a commercial term that means a buyer or seller cannot fulfill their obligations because of outside forces. It is typically invoked after natural disasters or accidents.Australia, the world's biggest coking coal exporter, is also China's largest supplier, and steel makers in the nation are seeking alternative supplies."The Chinese are fixing cargoes from the United States in order to replace the shortfall from Australia," one coal trader with knowledge of the matter said, speaking on the condition of anonymity as he was not allowed to talk about commercial deals."More will make its way from the US to China very soon," he added.It was not immediately clear which US miners are providing the supplies, but Thomson Reuters Eikon data shows that China has already imported more than 500,000 tons of US coking coal in 2017, ending a 2-year stretch without shipments.China will require more coal, as the Australian outages far outstrip what is immediately available from the US."The minimum impact over the coming weeks we would expect would be in the region of 14 million tons of coal (11.5 million metallurgical and 2.5 million tons thermal)," said Rodrigo Echeverri, head of energy coal analysis at commodity trading house Nobl。e Group.Shipping data in Eikon shows that about 70 ships are waiting to load coal off Queensland ports. The outages caused Australian coking coal futures on the Singapore Exchange on Monday to spike by more than 25 percent to $197 per ton.。


Lei Jun, founder of Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Inc, said that the r。evenue of the company's Indian division is expected to reach $2 billion in 2017, domestic financial news site cngold.org reported on Thursday. Lei met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday and took a selfie with。 him, according to a post on Lei's personal Weibo account.Modi also tweeted on Tuesday that it was "a very good meeting" with Lei.广东十一选五官方平台开户Iran's under-21 beach volleyball team finished fourth at the end of the second edition of Asian U21 Beach Volleyball Championship in Thailand on Saturday. The Iranian pair of Javad Firouzpour and Alireza Aghajani lost their last fixture at the Nongyama Municipal School in Thailand's northeastern city of Roi Et, in two straight sets (19-21 and 22-24) to Thailand's under-21 beach volleyball outfit, Press TV reported. Earlier, Iran's U21 beach volleyball team had secured its place at the forthcoming FIVB Beach Volleyball U21 World Championships 2017, which will be held on June 13-18 in the Chinese city of Nanjing. The second edition of Asian U21 Beach Volleyball Championship opened in Roi Et, Thailand, on March 2 and finishe。d on March 4, 2017.Shanghai traffic police caught 52 people riding bicycles on elevated highways in March, according to shobserver.com.The growing popularity of shared bicycles in the city has prompted some to use elevated highways and tunnels, which are illegal under Shanghai's newly amended traffic regulations.Although some offenders said they just "took a wrong turn" or were "misguided by GPS," many admitted that they prefer elevated roads because their r。outes are faster.On April 3, traffic police caught a couple each riding a shared bike with a child on Yan'an Road Elevated Highway. 。On March 10, traffic police fined three women riding shared bikes inside Xiangyin Road Tunnel with a penalty of 50 yuan ($7.25) each.。