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网站历史库(www.54zz.com):The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC) on Monday signed MOUs with organizations across Singapore and China, strengthening its commitment to infrastructure partnership and financing efforts related to the "Belt and Road" initiative. The signing of agreements was witnessed by Singapore's Minister for Trade and Industry (Trade) Lim Hng Kiang, Chinese Ambassador to Singapore Chen Xiaodong as well as about 200 representatives from Chinese and Singapore companies. "There are many opportunities available in the Belt and Road region, especially in terms of connectivity and infrastructure," said Yi Huiman, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of ICBC. Media group Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) joined hands with ICBC to develop South-east Asia's first bilingual B2B e-commerce platform to enhance cross-border trade between China and Southeast Asia. According to the agreement, Singapore branch of ICBC will extend up 50 billion yuan (7.5 billion US dollars) to member companies of Singapore Business Federation in project financing and other professional services for Infrastructure investments related to the "Belt and Road" initiative. Under the MOU, Singapore Exchange (SGX) and ICBC will work together to promote Singapore's capital markets and support Chinese companies looking to list equities or bonds on SGX, with a focus on real estate investment trusts (REITs) and offshore RMB bonds. ICBC also signed a MOU with Surbana Jurong, to strengthen collaboration with a full suite of comprehensive financial and engineering expertise for major urban and infrastructure projects related to the Belt and Road initiative. Chairman of Surbana Jurong Liew Mun Leong said that the group is optimistic about the vast infrastructure opportunities in Asia brought up by the "Belt and Road" initiative. "Sound financial and technical expertise are two key components for successful implementation of infrastructure projects. Our expertise in urban planning, engineering, project management and facilities management services can complement ICBC's financial related services," added Liew. Up to now, ICBC has established 123 branches serving 18 countries and regions related to the "Belt and Road" initiative. It's estimated that ICBC has supported 95 "Belt and Road" projects with total financing up to 22 billion US dollars as of June 2016. Meanwhile, there are 211 prospective projects in the pipeline with a total investment of 213.2 billion US dollars.Rescuers have recovered 27 bodies and are searching for 22 missing persons after flashfloods and landslides struck West Java province in western Indonesia on Wednesday and Tuesday, a spokesman from the national disaster agency said Friday. The flashfloods in Garut district have left 951 houses damaged, swept by currents of rivers, and submerged by mud and waters, said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho. A total of 1,600 personnel, comprising soldiers, police and those from local search and rescue office, disaster agency office and Red Cross are taking part in the search and rescue operation for affected-people, Sutopo told Xinhua via phone. One helicopter is combing the areas along the two rivers, whose waters overflowed banks after heavy downpours earlier on Wednesday to find the victims, he added. The natural disaster also injured 32 people and forced 433 people to take shelter at government office buildings and military stations, said Sutopo. In Sumedang district, three people were killed and another was rescued alive after landslides hit the the area on Tuesday, Ridwan Sunaria, secretary at the provincial disaster agency, told Xinhua via phone. Indonesia is frequently hit by floods and landslides during heavy rains.678彩票人工计划。



German Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU party was hit by a second electoral blow in two weeks in the Berlin state-city vote on Sunday, highlighting an increasing pressure on her open-door refugee policy. The loss Merkel's conservative party suffered in the Berlin polls, following the vote in early September in the eastern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, turned largely into a gain for the anti-immigrant Alternative of Germany (AfD). In Sunday's vote, support for the Christian Democratic Union dropped to 17.6 percent from 23.3 percent in the last election in 2011, the lowest since 1990. Meanwhile, a 14.2 percent of the vote enabled the three-year-old right-wing AfD to enter Berlin's state parliament, the 10th among Germany's 16 states. Berlin's traditionally strongest Social Democrats also recorded a fall in support, to a record low of 21.6 percent from 28.3 percent, and is unlikely to continue the current coalition with their junior partner, the CDU. With one year away from a federal election, the outcome raised pressure on Merkel as well as doubt about a fourth term for the most powerful leader in the European Union. It adds fuel to the dispute over Merkel's migrant policy between Christian Democrats and their traditional ruling partner, the Christian Social Union (CSU) in Bavaria, whose call for an annual cap of 200,000 refugees has been rejected by Merkel. The CSU's Bavarian finance minister Markus Soeder called the Berlin vote result another "massive wake-up call". "A long-term and massive loss in trust among traditional voters threatens the conservative bloc," he told the Bild daily, while urging changes in Merkel's migrant policy to win back support. Berlin hosts over 70,000 of the 1 million asylum seekers Germany took in last year. German media reported that a poll found about 22 percent of those voting for the AfD in Berlin supported the CDU in 2011. "From zero to double digits, that's unique for Berlin. The grand coalition has been voted out -- not yet at the national level, but that will happen next year," said AfD candidate Georg Pazderski to supporters after the Sunday results. Berlin's SPD Mayor Michael Mueller had warned before the vote that a strong AfD result would be "seen throughout the world as a sign of the resurgence of the right and of Nazis in Germany."正好彩票购彩平台。

牙膏的增为6%;生巾品类增在4%左右,但医用棉卫生巾的达到了202%。为此,该企业为用健康功能的休闲食品将成为未来重点开发的品类之一。相比之下,零电商于新品研发较为滞后,主要集在其核心品类之中。例如三松鼠的坚果收入在2014年2015年以2016年分占到其主营业。,。,。,。,。,。The United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) on Wednesday received 151 million US dollars in pledges from 26 member states at its Pledging Conference held here on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, the Fund said. The pledges cover the years 2017-2019 and will go toward projects the Fund underwrites in more than 20 countries with the aim of sustaining peace and preventing violent conflict. The event was co-hosted by the governments of Kenya, Mexico, the Netherlands, South Korea, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The conference sought pledges totaling 300 million US dollars over three years. "Three hundred million dollars for the years 2017-2019 will only begin to redress the imbalance between what the world spends on warfare and crisis response, and what it devotes to preventing conflict and building peace," UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the conference. "Without the Peacebuilding Fund, we will be forced to stand by as we witness the preventable loss of countless lives and the extinguishing of hope for millions more," said the secretary-general. The total amount pledged falls short of the Fund's goal of a working capital of 100 million US dollars per year, but is enough to allow the PBF to continue its work in the short term while member states and the UN seek solutions for long-term funding. "In the weeks and months ahead, let us transform the political commitments made today into a tangible financial commitment to the Fund," said Deputy UN Secretary-General Jan Eliasson in his closing remarks during the event. "Let us work together to make sure that the secretary-general's Peacebuilding Fund has the resources it needs to continue to be a strong and reliable partner to countries and people striving to sustain peace," Eliasson said. "This is a task more critical than ever." The co-hosts underscored the importance of the Peacebuilding Fund and the UN combined focus on sustaining peace. "A change of mind-set in how we go about doing the business of peace also requires a different kind of players, a different kind of willingness and commitment in how we invest in the peacebuilding complex, including prevention," said Amina C. Mohamed, the cabinet secretary for foreign affairs of Kenya. "Today we saw a good initial step in that direction. There is still much work to be done." Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas, the secretary of foreign affairs of Mexico, said, "It is imperative to create a new paradigm for peace: It is not only about a shift of terms, but a truly different way to understand, build, and practice peace." "A peace that is sustainable also implies a collective responsibility to provide the necessary financial resources to the initiatives that promote this approach," she said. "Peacebuilding is a core business for the UN and core business needs sustainable funding," said Albert Koenders, the foreign minister of the Netherlands. "Our pledges today will lay a foundation for the path toward sustaining peace," said Yun Byung-se, the foreign minister of the Republic of Korea. For his part, Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom said, "Our commitment to the sustaining peace agenda must be backed by sufficient investments in conflict prevention and peacebuilding." "The Peacebuilding Fund provides fast, flexible finance to fragile states to enable vital peacebuilding activity to take place when it is needed the most," said Baroness Anelay, the British minister of state at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. "I was delighted to attend this Conference and pledge the UK's support, alongside so many other countries, so that the fund can continue its vital role in preventing conflict." The PBF was created in 2006 as a fast and flexible pre-positioned fund to help other UN agencies by funding peacebuilding efforts at a time when countries emerge from conflict and other funds are not yet available. The Sustaining Peace Agenda, based on twin resolutions adopted by the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council in April, extended the role of the PBF to also include conflict prevention.。


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday commended the UN Security Council for its "unanimous, timely and effective action" when the 15-nation UN body was requested by Colombia to help promote the peace process in the Latin American country. "I commend the Security Council for its unanimous, timely and effective action in responding to Colombia's request for assistance," the secretary-general said at an open council meeting on Colombia. "When the parties asked for this support in January, there was still no ceasefire, much less a final agreement. Yet the Council did not hesitate." "You believed in the Colombian peace process and you acted," Ban told the council. "The international community has been privileged to support your efforts," the secretary-general said. "I would like to recognize in particular the contributions of Cuba and Norway, the guarantors, along with Chile and Venezuela, the accompanying nations." "The United Nations has been entrusted with important responsibilities, in particular in the monitoring and verification of the ceasefire and the laying down of arms," he said. Also on Wednesday, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Calderson told the UN General Assembly that the war in Colombia, the world's longest conflict, has ended, and the peace agreement will be officially signed on Sept. 26. "We are now well advanced in the deployment of the UN Mission in Colombia," the secretary-general said. Some 200 unarmed UN observers and civilian staff are on the ground, deploying to the zones where they will carry out their verification, working with the parties, and engaging with communities and local authorities, Ban noted. "Their numbers will grow quickly as the next stages of the peace process are completed. Their presence aims to help ensure that crucial commitments will be kept and to build confidence in the peace process." On Aug. 24, the negotiators from the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia- Peoples' Army (FARC-EP) declare in Havana, Cuba, that they adopted the final text of the Agreement for the Termination of the Conflict. Four years ago, the Colombian government and the FARC set out to resolve one of the world's oldest armed conflicts through dialogue.The conflict between the Colombian government and the leftist rebel group started in the 1960s as an uprising for land rights. It has left about 260,000 people dead, 45,000 missing and nearly 7 million displaced, according to official figures.Violence by the extremist group Boko Haram continues to cause immense suffering in northeast Nigeria, where 2 million people are displaced and 7 million urgently need humanitarian assistance, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), said here Monday. "Women and girls in northeast Nigeria face a severe crisis as they struggle to cope with acute malnutrition, sexual violence and exploitation, severe trauma, high rates of maternal death and other risks to their health and well-being," said UNFPA Executive Director Babatunde Osotimehin. "Meeting their urgent needs demands a strengthened response." Of the 7 million affected people in north-east Nigeria, about 1,750,000 are women and girls of childbearing age who need sexual and reproductive health services, the UN agency said in a press release. These services include prenatal and postnatal care, emergency obstetric care for safe birth, prevention and treatment of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, treatment for rape and provision of psychosocial counselling. On Friday, UNFPA and humanitarian partners helped the Borno State government in northeast Nigeria receive from the army 566 rescued women and children who will need humanitarian support. UNFPA is already providing immediate humanitarian relief to this group. Since the beginning of this year, the Nigerian military has helped rescue more than 800,000 persons, most of whom have been deprived of all forms of humanitarian aid for years and need urgent life-saving support. Assessments supported by the United Nations indicate that a high proportion of women and girls in northeast Nigeria have suffered different forms of gender-based violence, including sexual violence. Meeting their medical, psychosocial and other needs is a major undertaking that needs intensified support. UNFPA is working with partners to scale up its response, especially in Borno State, home of 70 percent of displaced persons. The goal is to expand services for sexual and reproductive health and for preventing and tackling gender-based violence, so as to reach 4.5 million affected people. So far in 2015 and 2016, UNFPA has reached 3.2 million people with information and services for sexual and reproductive health, and against gender-based violence, in areas affected by Boko Haram. Some 336 health personnel have been trained in emergency reproductive health care, 108 trained in the clinical management of rape, 88,000 pregnant women given clean delivery kits with soap, a razor blade, string and plastic sheeting to ensure safe births, 652 rape survivors given treatment, and 108,000 traumatized persons given psychosocial support and other services. For 2016, UNFPA has received 40 percent of the 11 million US dollars it needs for northeast Nigeria, and is appealing to the donor community to increase support to meet the urgent needs of affected people, especially women and girls.Nigeria's northeast region has been a stronghold of Boko Haram and has been frequently raided in the past six years. Over past months, the Nigerian government has launched several military operations to eliminate the terrorist threat.。

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You don't often hear Chinese women talk about the benefits of turning 30, because many of them believe youth ends at 30.In my opinion, 30 is the new young. When I was in my 20s, I wished that I could skip my 20s and jump to my 30s. That might sound weird. I know. Who doesn't want to be young? However, according to research by insurer Aviva, 35 is the best age, and real happiness begins at age 33 because at that age you have a certain amount of stability.Like many 20-somethings, I had my whole life ahead of me but did not know how to plan it. I thought my life would get better in my 30s. I was both right and wrong.I was right because things got smoother and better. At 30, my life is full of opportunities. I have a stable job, and I am financially independent. I have let go of insecurities I had when I was younger. I started caring more about my body, working out and eating healthy food. I am a better person.Honestly speaking, I barely noticed turning 30. But I noticed some small changes. For instance, now, when I talk to younger people, I start my sentence with "when I was your age," and my WeChat friends are all talking about and sharing photos of their babies rather than parties.I was wrong because as a 30-something woman in China, even though I believe age is just a number and still feel young inside, people around me keep telling me I am too old to do many things. My male Chinese friends think I am too old to date. My mother worries I am too old to have babies. My father thinks I am too old to move from one country to another. My headhunter thinks I am too old to change my career path, and my co-workers think I am too old to go back to school to study. One very important thing that I've learned in my 30s is to block out the unwanted noise. I've stopped caring about what society thinks is acceptable for me to do in my 30s. I am very glad that nowadays many Chinese women in their 30s have started writing good things about it. So, whenever a 30-something woman asks me if she should try something new, I always answer her, "You go, girl!" This article was published on the Global Times Metropolitan section Two Cents page, a space for reader submissions, including opinion, humor and satire. The ideas expressed are those of the author alone, and do not represent the position of the Global Times.美高梅彩票竞彩平台代理The head of Audi development at Volkswagen (VW) will be suspended this week as part of the investigation into an emissions scandal, Bild am Sonntag reported, citing sources.Investigations by Jones Day have shown that Stefan Knirsch, an Audi board member, knew about the use of cheat software in 3.0 liter diesel engines and gave a false promise under oath, the paper said on Sunday.Knirsch has already been asked to clear his desk, it said.Audi has admitted that its 3.0 liter V6 diesel engine was fitted with emissions-control software, deemed as illegal in the US.Spokesmen for Volkswagen, Audi and Audi's works council declined to comment.Knirsch, Audi's former head of engine development, replaced Ulrich Hackenberg, the top engineer at Audi and the VW group, in 2015. Hackenberg quit after being suspended together with two other executives closely associated with the development of the VW engine at the center of the scandal, codenamed EA 189.The German states of Hesse and Baden-Wuerttemberg said on Friday they will sue VW for damages over its emissions-test cheating scandal, joining equity investors seeking compensation, according to Reuters.VW shares plunged last September after Europe's largest automaker admitted to cheating on US diesel emissions tests, hitting the state coffers and pension funds of German states among other investors.Hesse Finance Minister Thomas Schaefer said in a statement the drop in VW's share price had cost the state about 3.9 million euros ($4.4 million).Baden-Wuerttemberg, where VW's Porsche and rival Daimler are based, also said it would sue.新提供强大品牌保!用互联网+科技推动显示屏产业的革新,中国智造走向世界,拿下全球云发布域话权,诺瓦科技直在力,从显示屏远程发布解决方的全球连线,传媒的美好云图,你定看得到。新闻2017-05-19515日,全球领先的企业级物联网云平台提供商艾拉物联以下简称布,与。