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网站历史库(www.54zz.com):China may have another way to get around IPO reform: luring tech unicorns with easier listings. The securities watchdog is mulling faster IPO approvals for big tech names. Letting Jack Ma's Ant Financial, last valued at $60 billion, jump the queue may convince other entrepreneurs to list at home, eschewing venues in New York and Hong Kong. But this would be a poor substitute for meaningful reform.Reuters reported Friday that companies being considered for a fast track by officials include Ant, the fintech affiliate of Alibaba, insurance outfit Zhong An Online Property and Casualty, and Qihoo 360, the anti-virus software maker that delisted from New York in 2016 to go private in a $9.3 billion deal.Chinese planners have a history of talking up IPO market reform, including a switch to a registration-based system as well as the launch of an international board that would allow foreign companies in China to raise capital. Both have yet to materialize.But if true, this could be a huge win for China's bourses. Domestic valuations have been climbing this past year, but a queue of some 700 companies waiting for listing approval, combined with higher requirements for profitability in some cases, has pushed fast-growing tech stars to look elsewhere. In December, the selfie app maker Meitu, with a market value of $5.5 billion, debuted in Hong Kong. Last year Reuters reported that the Apple-backed ride-hailing giant, Didi Chuxing, had ruled out a stock market floatation in China, citing a person familiar with the deal.The risk is that snagging a handful of high-profile tech listings from Hong Kong and New York will come at the expense of genuine liberalization. Beijing's micromanagement of the pace and pricing of new listings has fanned speculative bubbles. That has pushed up already-frothy valuations for the few Internet companies that do manage to list: the tech-heavy ChiNext board trades at some 49 times earnings, Eikon data shows. This latest unicorn hunt only adds to a growing list of ad-hoc band-aids applied to self-inflicted wounds.The author is Robyn Mak, a Reuters Breakingviews columnist. The article was first published on Reuters Breakingviews. bizopinion@globaltimes.com.cnIllustration: Chen Xia/GT"We just do whatever clients ask us to do."Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning is investigating local hospital nurses who work part time for medical service apps. People can make an appointment via such apps asking for a nurse to make a house call to give injections or draw blood. However, the new app company has not been officially approved to provide medical treatment. One nurse disclosed to media that app clients book nurses to collect blood samples specifically for the purpose of obtaining fetal sex diagnosis, which is illegal in China.18彩票平台。


China will more briskly introduce foreign investment, Commerce Minister Zhong Shan said Monday. Addressing a meeting in Beijing, Zhong promised more efforts in the area this year, including propelling the development of free trade zones, pushing for reforms in foreign investment management, and improving the business environment. Foreign direct investment on the Chinese mainland rose 4.1 percent year on year last year, mildly down from the 6.4-percent gain in 2015. China has been loosening the grip on the inflow of foreign capital as part of efforts to facilitate its opening up, reducing restrictive measures and opening more sectors. In 2016, laws on foreign investment were amended, and measures were unveiled to simplify the approval procedure for foreign companies. Zhong also hopes foreign-funded businesses will play a bigger role in boosting China's sluggish real economy. Foreign companies generate nearly half of China's foreign trade, 20 percent of tax incomes and a seventh of urban jobs during the past four years, he said. Zhong was appointed Commerce Minister, replacing Gao Hucheng, the top legislature said Friday.2018手机彩票Germany on Tuesday announced a plan to expand its national army Bundeswehr in light of "increasing responsibilities." The number of professional soldiers will increase by around 10 percent from 178,000 to 198,000 by the year 2024, defense minister Ursula von der Leyen said, adding that non-combat civilian employees would also expand to over 61,000 to fend off growing cyber attacks or hacking. "The Bundeswehr is under demand like never before. The Bundeswehr must be allowed to grow accordingly," said von der Leyen. German soldiers are currently engaged in operations in Iraq and Syria against the Islamic State, in Mali supporting United Nations' stabilization mission, and also in the Baltic States as part of NATO's defense force. The increase in manpower was also widely seen as a response to Washington's recent pressure on NATO members. The newly-elected US President Donald Trump had called the military alliance "obsolete" and threatened to "moderate" the United States' commitment to it if NATO partners failed to meet the mandated defense spending target of 2.0 percent of gross domestic product. It has raised fears that the United States would no longer be the guardian of European security, and Berlin could have to fill the void.。

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Wednesday unveiled his plans for a "new chapter" of Europe, ushering in an era of soul-searching for the bloc hit hard by Brexit. Addressing the European Parliament's plenary session, Juncker said the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome "will not simply be a birthday of celebration, it will also be a birth moment of the EU at 27." "Let's turn the page and commence a new chapter in our history," he said. The white paper laid out five "pathways to unity" for the EU's remaining 27 member states. It was hammered out by the College of Commissioners on Wednesday after a spate of debates, seminars and meetings that have been taking place since Feb. 22. The white paper set out five scenarios for the EU in the next decade, each offering a glimpse into the potential state of the EU. The first scenario, titled "Carrying On," envisages the EU27 focusing on delivering its positive reform agenda in the spirit of the Commission's new start for Europe from 2014 and of the Bratislava Declaration agreed by all 27 member states in 2016. The second scenario foresees an EU with "nothing but the single market." The third scenario, titled "Those Who Want More Do More," would see the EU 27 member states proceeding as it is now but with willing member states doing more together in specific areas such as defense, internal security or social matters. The fourth scenario, titled "Doing Less More Efficiently," envisages the EU27 focusing on delivering more and faster in selected policy areas, while doing less where it is perceived not to have an added value. The fifth scenario, titled "Doing Much More Together," foresees member states deciding to share more power, resources, and decision-making across the board. Asked which scenario is in his favor at a press conference following the address, Juncker said "I'm not going to give a preference to one option over the other, but I would exclude the option according to which the EU would just turn into a single market, nothing else." According to Juncker, the "single market only" proposal was put forward by governments of some member states. "But I don't want to comment on the others, although some would be clever enough to see which options are close to my heart, but I'm not going to kill off the debate, or stifle the debate," he added. Unlike Juncker, European Parliament President Antonio Tajani, who sat along with Juncker at the press conference, said frankly that he prefered the "most ambitious" one. "We believe in Europe, we believe in the future of Europe, we always prefer the most ambitious option," he said. Tajani, however, added that "the proposals from the Commission involve listening first" and that "debates are open." The white paper came weeks before British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to activate the Article 50 clause in Britain's EU membership by the end of March. Article 50 refers to the formal procedure by which an EU member state notifies the European Council that it intends to leave the block. Leaders of EU member states are due to discuss the white paper at a summit next week in Brussels. They will meet again in Italy on March 25 to mark the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, which founded the predecessor of the EU. This year is regarded as crunch time for the EU, as several member states are set to hold general elections and euroskeptic leaders have the upper hand in the Netherlands and France in the polls.2018手机彩票。

Chinese police have arrested seven people following a hotel fire Saturday that killed 10 in Nanchang, capital of the eastern province of Jiangxi, local authorities said Monday. The seven, including workers and contractors for an ongoing construction project that went ablaze, were arrested on Sunday on suspicion of negligence that caused the fire, the city government of Nanchang said in a press release. The fire at HNA Platinum Mix Hotel in Nanchang City killed 10, including three hotel guests and seven construction workers, according to the city government. Nine injured people are receiving hospital treatment. A preliminary investigation found the blaze was caused by welding and cutting that violated safety rules.,~!~!The output of China's information technology industry expanded 10 percent year on year in 2016, thanks to strong performance of smart phones, routers and LCD panels, an official said Tuesday. The growth rate was 4 percentage points higher than the rate of overall industrial expansion last year, according to Zhou Zixue, deputy head of China Information Technology Industry Federation. China's industrial output expanded 6 percent year on year in 2016, the National Bureau of Statistics data showed. Industrial output, officially called industrial value added, is used to measure the activity of designated large enterprises with annual turnover of at least 20 million yuan (about 2.9 million US dollars). Gross profit of the information technology industry surged 16.1 percent year on year in 2016, Zhou said at a meeting, without providing further details. But Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology Chen Zhaoxiong said China will put more strength behind artificial intelligence, Internet of vehicles quantum computing.。


China is willing to synergize development strategies with Italy to promote a balanced growth of trade and investment, Premier Li Keqiang said here Thursday. Li's remarks came as he met with Italian President Sergio Mattarella at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Li called on both countries to make mid- and long-term development plans, enhance exchanges of innovation policies as well as cooperation on research and development. He also suggested both countries explore cooperation in third markets and expand the number of overseas students and interns. China hopes Italy can be an active role in ensuring the EU fulfills its obligations under the Protocol on China's Accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), Li said. Mattarella, who is on a state visit to China from Tuesday to Sunday, said Italy and China share a broad consensus and enjoy great potential for cooperation. Italy is ready to work with China to enhance high-level exchanges, make new economic cooperation action plan and explore cooperation in areas of infrastructure construction, science and technology, environmental protection, innovation and increase bilateral trade and investment. He said he hopes the bilateral ties can reach a new level around 2020 when Italy and China will celebrate 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties. Italy is willing to play an active role in EU-China relations, he added. During the talks between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Mattarella on Wednesday, the two agreed to develop China-Italy ties from a strategic and long-term perspective and advance the relationship to a higher level. The two also witnessed the signing of cooperation documents in culture, science, education, health, trade and innovation. Also on Thursday, top Chinese legislator Zhang Dejiang met with Mattarella. Zhang, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, said the top priority for both countries' legislative bodies is to implement the consensus reached by the two presidents. Mattarella said Italy supports cooperation between the two legislative bodies and would like to actively participate in the Belt and Road development.South Korea's Defense Ministry said Monday that a Lotte Group unit possessing a golf course, where the US missile shield is set to be installed, will to hold a board of directors meeting later in the day to decide on a land swap contract. Seoul's Defense Ministry spokesman Moon Sang-kyun told a press briefing that he was informed of Lotte's plan to hold a board of directors meeting on Monday to decide on the deal to exchange military land for the golf course, where the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) is to be sited. The spokesman said the ministry will take follow-up measures according to the results of the meeting, noting that there has been no change in its plan to deploy the THAAD battery this year. Seoul and Washington abruptly announced a decision in July last year to deploy one THAAD battery in southeast South Korea by the end of this year. The Lotte-owned golf course, which is located in the Seongju county in North Gyeongsang province and borders the Gimcheon city, was picked as a final site for the US missile defense system. The land exchange contract between Lotte and the defense ministry was scheduled to be inked in early January, but it was delayed due to strong oppositions at home and abroad. Seongju and Gimcheon residents have held candlelit rallies every night since the THAAD deployment decision as the government failed to collect their opinion in advance. Parliamentary and public objections have been harsh as the THAAD is not aimed to shoot down missiles from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), but to make South Korea part of the US missile defense networking in Northeast Asia. DPRK missiles targeting South Korea fly at an altitude of less than 40 km. THAAD is designed to intercept missiles at an altitude of 40-150 km. The THAAD's X-band radar can peer deep into the territories of neighboring countries including China and Russia, damaging security interests of the two countries and breaking regional balance. Lotte International, a Lotte Group unit owning the golf course, held a board of directors meeting on Feb. 3, but it failed to approve the land swap deal. However, the South Korea's fifth-largest conglomerate has been allegedly under pressures from the military to sign the contract rapidly.。

Add this to the long list of problems caused by buzzing drones: Frightening 1,500 elk into stampeding at a time of year when too much stress can be deadly for the animals.This winter already is one for the books in western US state of Wyoming. More than twice as much snowfall than usual has fallen in many areas, and more than 3 feet has accumulated at the National Elk Refuge in the scenic valley of Jackson Hole.Typically the National Elk Refuge provides a winter haven for elk. But on Monday, David A. Smart, 45, of Washington, DC, got a $280 ticket for allegedly launching a drone from a highway pullout and flying it over hundreds of elk resting there.The device caused the elk to stampede half a mile through the snow. Smart was trying to film the animals and afterward was apologetic, refuge deputy manager Cris Dippel said Friday.Nonetheless, wildlife managers take animal harassment seriously. The federal crime of which Smart was accused, disturbing wildlife, is punishable by an up to $5,000 fine.GT: If there is a trade war, what's the best strategy China can adopt?R: If there's a trade war, it will lead to economic problems and some bankruptcies so as to avoid debt. If there's a trade war, people in China should only be involved with things that will not be affected, like pollution clean-up. For people who clean up China, it won't matter if there's a trade war. But for most of us, it will matter a great deal.。


In a statement issued Wednesday at the end of the conference on Palestine, the participants urged all Palestinian political groups to unite against what it called "decades of occupation" of their lands by Israel. "The cause of Palestine should be the first and foremost issue of all the Muslim and Arab states in order to restore the rights of Palestinians and to liberate all their occupied territories," the statement read. It also emphasized the unity among the Palestinians and the resistance against Israel as the only approach to upholding their "legitimate" rights. "The world Muslims and world's freethinking people should assist the Palestinians in this respect" to support the Palestinian Intifada, it added.The two-day conference, dubbed the 6th International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada, sought to show solidarity with the Palestinians in the face of Israeli occupation and expansion of Jewish settlement on their lands. At the closing ceremony of the conference, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani described the Palestinian issue as a deep wound in the body of the Islamic world and as an embarrassment for the international community and some Muslim states, Tasnim news agency reported. The Palestinian issue "is not a problem of a people or a nation but a sign of injustice and oppression and disregard to the international law," he said, adding that it is also "a symbol of continued endeavors of a nation to restore their rights." "The current chaotic situation in the region and the atrocities committed by violent and extremist ideologies in the name of religion play into the hands of Israel and the winner of such a deplorable situation is Israel," said Rouhani. "Today, the Zionists (of Israel) see a historic opportunity in the wars and internal disputes among Muslims," he said. The establishment of fair and comprehensive peace in the Middle East is possible only through putting an end to the occupation of the Palestinian land and full restoration of the Palestinian nation's rights, including the right to self-determination and the right of refugees to return to their motherland, Rouhani stressed. At the opening ceremony on Tuesday, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei denounced the reconciliation plans with Israel and urged resistance to liberate the Palestinian occupied territories. The earlier reconciliation plans have proved wrong and the recent efforts to show friendship with Palestinians are aimed to divert the course of resistance through secret deals with the enemies, Khamenei said. "The resistance will never be the subject of prey (to the plots), and the third Intifada will be another defeat for the Zionist regime (of Israel)," he said, according to the supreme leader's official website. Khamenei also said the creation of Israel has been the plot hatched by extra-regional powers, and "has caused the fake being (Israel) to replace the real being (Palestine)" in the region. He advised the Islamic states to avoid "useless" crises and differences, but to concentrate on the issue of Palestine as the core issue of Islam. "Otherwise, the potentials and capabilities of the nations will go waste in the face of vain struggles, which would provide opportunities for the Zionist regime to become even stronger," he said. The Iranian top leader urged "all the Islamic and national movements to serve the cause of Palestine" and stressed that "the degrees to which the Islamic republic will maintain relationships with the resistant groups depend on their adherence to the principles of resistance." Also on Tuesday, Lebanon's Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri suggested at the conference that the Islamic states shut their embassies in Washington if the US decides to relocate its embassy to al-Quds, or Jerusalem in Israel. The embassy relocation plan is a scheme to disrupt peace, Berri said, criticizing the US government for backing Israel policies, including the expansion of Jewish settlements on the Palestinian lands. Meanwhile, Ramadan Abdullah Shalah, the visiting head of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, said here that the Palestinian people have firm determination to resist the Zionist regime of Israel and will never give in. Local reports said about 700 foreign guests and representatives of the pro-Palestinian organizations took part in the conference in Tehran.150彩票网双色球The timing of the US missile shield deployment in South Korean soil will depend on a land swap contract with Lotte Group, Seoul's defense ministry said Friday. Lotte, the country's fifth-largest family-controlled conglomerate, possesses a golf course in southeast South Korea where Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) is set to be sited. Seoul and Washington agreed in July last year to install one THAAD battery by the end of this year. If the deal to exchange military land for the Lotte-owned property, the remaining procedures for the THAAD deployment would gain speed. Defense Ministry spokesman Moon Sang-kyun told a press briefing that it depends on when Lotte holds a board of directors meeting and what results come out from it. Lotte International, a Lotte Group unit possessing the golf course, held the meeting in early February, but it failed to approve the land exchange deal, delaying it to next meeting. A Lotte official told Xinhua that nothing has been decided yet over the date of the next meeting and its results. Yonhap news agency reported that it is highly likely for the meeting to be held on Feb. 27. If the land swap deal is approved, Lotte and the defense ministry will formally sign the contract. The spokesman said the defense ministry was making efforts to ink the contract as early as possible. Vincent Brooks, commander of the US Forces Korea (USFK), had indicated the THAAD deployment between June and August this year. It would mean South Korea becoming a part of the US missile defense networking in Northeast Asia along with Japan. China and Russia have strongly opposed the THAAD in South Korea as it breaks regional balance and boost arms race in the region. THAAD's X-band radar in South Korea can peer deep into territories of the two countries. The deployment decision has been under harsh criticism as it skips the process of open discussion in the National Assembly and the collection of public opinion. Doubts have been cast on the THAAD's capability as THAAD interceptors are incapable of shooting down missiles from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) that fly at an altitude of less than 40 km. THAAD is designed to intercept incoming missiles at an altitude of 40-150 km.French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen refused Friday to attend questioning by investigating magistrates over claims she broke the rules on the use of European Parliament funds.Le Pen, who is one of the frontrunners in the race, said she refused to be questioned by anti-corruption investigators during the campaign."I will not respond (to the summons) during the election campaign," she said."During this period, there cannot be the neutrality or calm necessary for the justice system to function properly."The candidate's lawyer Rodolphe Bosselut said he was surprised by the "sudden rush" in the investigation.Le Pen's personal assistant Catherine Griset was charged on Wednesday with breach of trust in the probe into allegations that her National Front party defrauded the European Parliament of about 340,000 euros ($360,000).Le Pen, who sits in the European Parliament, has furiously denied accusations she broke the rules by using parliamentary funds to pay Griset as and bodyguard Thierry Legier for jobs in France rather than at the European Parliament.Le Pen, who has vowed to call a referendum on France's membership of the EU if elected, has described the investigation as a vendetta.。