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网站历史库(www.54zz.com):Illustration: Lu Ting/GT"There are so many mail delivery vans at the gate of my university, I don't know where to collect my package!"The total number of package delivery orders of Tmall reached 812 million during this year's Double 11 global shopping festival. Just one day after the virtual carnival, numerous boxes were seen piled up at collection points of many local universities, Shanghai Morning Post reported Monday. The front gates were also congested with mail delivery vehicles. Students complained that collecting their packages was chaotic following the shopping festival. "Many delivery boys don't wear their company's uniform, so I have to。 ask each guy, one by one, if they have my stuff," a student said.China will continue its implementation of the Paris Agreement and positively participate in the multilateral process of global climate governance, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Thursday. Spokesperson Hua Chunying made the remarks when responding to a report that US President Donald Trump will announce his decision on whether to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord Thursday afternoon. Hua said China and the United States have maintained close communication at various levels on subjects including climate change. "The Paris Agreement was a hard-won result," Hua said, noting that climate change is a global challenge and no country can remove itself from the issue. Hua said the Paris Agreement reflects the broad consensus of the international community and sets a target for global cooperation on climate change. Even if other countries change their position, China will continue its plan of innovation, coordination, green development, opening up and sharing, Hua said. China is willing to work with the European Union to strengthen practical cooperation on climate change, Hua said.自助领取彩金38。


Lebanon's President Michel Aoun on Wednesday accused Saudi Arabia of having "detained" Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who announced his resignation in a statement from the kingdom earlier this month."Nothing justifies the failure of Prime Minister Saad Hariri to return for 12 days, therefore we consider him to be held and detained, contrary to the Vienna Convention," Aoun said in a tweet on the official Lebanese presidency account.Speculation has swirled about the circumstances of Hariri's resignation since his surprise announcement on November 4 in a statement read on Saudi Arabia's Al-Arabiya television channel.There have been rumors that the prime minister had been detained along with dozens of Saudis in what Riyadh says is an anti-corruption campaign.Hours after Aoun's statement, Hariri took to Twitter in an apparent bid to quell rumors of his detention. "I want to repeat and confirm: I am totally, totally fine and I'll come back, God willing, to beloved Lebanon like I promised you all. You'll see," he wrote.It was his second tweet in two days seeking to dispel concerns that he was being held against his will."Guys, I am perfectly fine, and God willing I。 will return in the coming days. Let's calm down," he said on Tuesday, in his first tweet in more than a week.彩票18元下载立送China stocks rebounded Thursday as the blue-chip CSI 300 Index posted its best day in 21 months amid growing hopes that global index provider MSCI Inc will add Chinese mainland shares to its benchmark in June.The blue-chip CSI 300 Index jumped 1.80 percent to 3,485.66 points.The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index advanced 1.43 percent to 3,107.83 points, while the Shenzhen Component Index closed 0.83 percent higher at 9,893.78 points.China's NASDAQ-style board ChiNext inched up 0.08 percent, reversing early losses to follow the broader market into positive territory.Thursday's strongest performers were banking and real estate stocks, whose indexes jumped 3.3 percent and 4.0 percent, respectively.Investors appear to have shrugged off Moody's downgrade of China's credit rating on Wednesday. Expectations were building that MSCI will announce China's inclusion in its Emerging Markets Index when it issues its annual classification review on June 20."The chance of A-share inclusion into MSCI has risen drastically for 2017," brokerage China Securities Co said in a report on Wednesday.The brokerage encouraged continued buying of leading blue chips, which have outperformed small caps in 2017.JP Morgan, China International Capital Corp and BlackRock have also expressed optimism that MSCI co。uld include mainland stocks in 2017.Hong Kong shares followed Asian markets higher, even after Moody's downgraded Hong Kong's local and foreign currency issuer ratings on Wednesday.The Hang Seng index rose 0.80 percent to 25,630.78 points.。

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed his hope on Friday that debate could be advanced on the thorny issue of amending Japan's pacifist constitution, while pledging to tackle the nation's demographic issues and deepen cooperative ties with regional neighbors. In his first policy speech to both houses of parliament since being re-elected as the prime minister, Abe, who heads the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), called for constructive debate on the politically and socially divisive issue of amending Japan's pacifist charter for the first time since World War II. "I am sure that debate over a constitutional revision will advance as a result of efforts to gain collective wisdom and work out answers to difficult challenges," the prime minister said during the 39-day special Diet session that runs through Dec. 9. The LDP has proposed the constitution be changed to specifically reference Japan's Self-Defense Forces (SDF) in the war-renouncing Article 9 clause. The clause states, "Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes." And that, "land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained." The two-thirds majority controlled by the LDP and Komeito party coalition in the lower house means that debate on the thorny amendment issue can proceed in parliament notionally. This majority is required in both houses of parliament to formally propose a revision to the constitution and the coalition already has the requisite majority in the upper house. But the LDP's recent drive for constitutional amendment, led by Abe, has been matched by staunch resistance from opposition parties, including the now main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDPJ), led by former Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano. Smaller opposition parties, constitutional scholars, legal entities and sizable sections of Japanese society are also opposed to the idea. Abe first called for debate on the contentious issue in May, with an eye on the amendment taking effect in 2020, but the prime minister's career goal of amending the war-renouncing Article 9, while needing a majority backing in parliament, also requires a majority in a national referendum on the matter. In terms of Japan's deflation-mired economy, Abe said on Friday that he was determined to tackle the nation's demographic crisis involving the nation's rapidly aging population and plummeting birthrate. He said, in line with his party's campaign pledges in the run-up to the Oct. 22 general election, that revenues from a planned consumption tax hi。ke in October 2019 will be reviewed with a focus on supporting families with children. The Japanese leader also vowed that by fiscal 2020, free pre-school would be offered for all children aged three to five. Children aged two or younger from low income households would also be offered free pre-schooling, Abe said Friday. On issues of foreign diplomacy, the prime minister said he wanted Japan to deepen its cooperation with its neighbors China and South Korea. While the prime minister is looking to advance his campaign pledges and the LDP's fundamental policies, he still has to face allegations of cronyism levied at him by opposition lawmakers and will be grilled from next week. On Tuesday, a veterinary school run by Abe's close friend was given governmental approval to open in a specially deregulated economic zone. Abe has been accused of influencing the school's establishment and the favoritism scandal seriously hurt the prime minister's popularity prior to the election.彩票18元下载立送。

Auguste Rodin's Andromede, a white marble sculpture of the mythical Ethiopian princess of the same name, fetched nearly 3.7 million euros ($4.1 million) at a Paris auction Tuesday, well above the top estimated price of 1.2 million euros.The rediscovered masterpiece - created in 1886-87 and depicting the daughter of Ethiopian King Cepheus nude and asleep on a rock - was sold by the Artcurial auction house just as Paris is marking the centenary of Rodin's death.An exhibit of more than 200 of his works and those of artists he influenced is showing at the Grand Palais in Paris until the end of July. In 1888, Rodin presented the sculpture to Carlos Morla Vicuna, a Chilean diplomat living in Paris at the time, as a gift, said Bruno Jaubert, Artcurial's director of the impressionist and modern art department.It has been i。n the Vicuna's family ever since."For 130 years she stayed in this family of diplomats despite the members' different foreign postings," Jaubert said.The work, one of five carvings Rodin created of the subject, is especially notable for the contrast between Andromede's smooth finish and the virtually untouched jutting slab of rock.The $4.1 million sale price, while substantial, is far from the record set last year for a Rodin sculpture - his Eternal springtime marble sculpture of lovers sold for $20.41 million at Sotheby's in New York in May 2016.the&#;,&#;,&#;"Environmental protection is also a key issue and common interest between China and Germany, as well as the EU, because the input in this area will shape the future of their economies and industries. China and the EU have already started to cooperate。 on many projects like promoting electric cars, establishing a global emissions trading system and so on. These will provide significant opportunities for employment and investment, and boost sustainable economic growth," Wang said.。


The death toll in Sunday's boat tragedy in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has risen to 22, officials said on Tuesday. "With the recovery of three more bodies in the past 24 hours, the death to。ll now stands at 22. Some 16 injured are being treated at a government hospital," a senior police official said. The boat overloaded with tourists capsized in the Krishna river in the state's Vijaywada district, some 275 km from capital Hyderabad, late Sunday night. There were some 38 people on the boat. While 16 bodies were fished out of the waters that evening, three more were recovered early Monday morning. Meanwhile, preliminary probe has suggested that the boat did not have the necessary licence to operate in the river. The boat belongs to a private tourist agency. A video has also emerged which shows that a state tourism official warning the boat's driver against taking passengers onto the river Krishna, minutes before the tragedy. "The boat's operator did not have the necessary permission to ferry people. Strict action is being mulled against the operator for the deaths of so many people," said another official.Areas along the Yangtze, China's longest river, will soon be hit by the first round of heavy rainfall this flood season, authorities said. According to a report published by the Yangtze flood control and drought relief headquarters Saturday night, the southern bank of the main stream of the river will receive moderate to heavy downpours and rainstorms, from May 30 to June 1. The rain will mainly affect areas around the Wujiang River -- the longest tributary on the southern bank of the upper reaches of Yangtze, and the Poyang and the Dongting -- two large lakes on the southern bank of the middle reaches of Yangtze. On May 30, Wujiang will see moderate to heavy 。rain. On May 31, Wujiang and the two lakes will see moderate to heavy rainfall or rainstorms. On June 1, the lakes will see heavy rainfall or severe rainstorms. The headquarters asked the areas to strengthen flood control efforts, prevent disasters such as mountain torrents and landslides, and relocate affected people in a timely manner.。

The Mongolian capital and the World Bank signed a memorandum of understanding here on Wednesday on jointly strengthening capital investment planning in Ulaanbaatar and financial sustainability of its public transport. Ulaanbaatar's Vice Mayor in charge of infrastructure P. Bayarkhuu said:"Capital investment planning is a critical part of municipal management. Ulaanbaatar hopes that improved capital investment planning will enable city officials to better identify, and plan investment projects based on long-term needs, budget availability, and development priorities." The municipality expects that the partnership with the World Bank will help the city reduce expenditures and, through increased public engagement, improve transparency. Moreover, Ulaanbaatar will carry out a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of the public transport sector and develop a medium-term strategy for financial sustainability, based on analysis of alternative public transport plans, the memorandum said. The assessment will improve the quality of public transport services, increase cost-efficiency, and reduce subsidies for public transport,which is currently increasing rapidly. "A more transparent and harmonized process for capital investment planning can help cities improve coordination among implementing agencies so they get the most out of their projects," said James Anderson, World Bank Country Manager for Mongolia. "Similarly, the city needs to develop a strategy to provide public transport service in a financially sustainable way. Given the current fiscal constraints, both of these challenges are becoming increasingly important," he added. The partnership will be carried out under a technical assistance program funded by the World Bank's Public Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF). The World Ban。k's Global Practice Team for Transport has also been working closely with the city government to lay the groundwork for improvement of the public transport sector.The draft text of the United States addressing the renewal of the mandate of the Joint Investigative Mechanism (JIM) of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the UN investigating chemical attacks in Syria, failed to be adopted by the UN Security Council Thursday. The resolution received 11 votes in favor and two against, with two abstentions. But because one of the votes against it was from Russia, a permanent council member, the resolution failed to pass. China abstained from voting on the resolution. The Security Council had planned to put on vote two draft resolutions, each of which would renew the mandate of the JIM, which ends on November 17. Russia withdrew its draft resolution before the vote began, citing procedure reasons. "China is firmly opposed to the use of chemical weapons by whichever country, organization or person for whatever purposes and under whatever circumstances," said Wu Haitao, China's deputy permanent representative to the United Nations. He said "we have always maintained that the JIM should carry out comprehensive, objective and impartial investigations into chemical attacks in Syria." "Base this work on solid evidence and draw conclusions that can stand the test of time and reality. Only by doing so can the perpetrators of chemical weapon attacks in Syria and those accountable be brought to justice and can the Syrian people be freed from the suffering caused by chemical weapon attacks," Wu added.There had been a great deal of activity around the renewal of the JIM and its final report in the last few weeks. The United States put to a resolution to vote to renew the JIM with the same mandate for an additional year on October 24, two days before the release of the JIM's final report. Russia veto。ed the resolution, arguing a need to evaluate the effectiveness of the JIM by assessing the final report before discussing its renewal. On November 2, Russia and the United States circulated competing drafts renewing the JIM's mandate. On November 7, Edmond Mulet, head of the JIM's leadership panel, briefed the council on its final report. During the briefing, the existing divisions in the council were on full display. Russia criticised the JIM for falling short of the standards of the Chemical Weapons Convention.。


The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that aides to Myanmar State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi have warned Western ambassadors that "their pressure on Myanmar in support of ethnic Rohingya Muslims is pushing the country closer to China." This comes prior to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's upcoming visit to the Myanmar capital of Nay Pyi Taw. The article also noted the anxiety of analysts from the US, claiming "the Rohingya crisis has touched on concerns about ceding a geopolitical advantage to China."US observers have finally done something right after having long interfered in Myanmar's domestic affairs - taking China's influence into consideration. But they are wrong again for reflecting on the issue as a struggle for regional influence. During the Cold War, Washington devoted itself to creating a strategic ring of encirclement around China in Southeast Asia while establishing a US-dominated sphere of influence. However, when analyzing today's situation in the area, quite a few Americans are still 。caught in such a mindset. Beijing is bound to enhance its relationship with neighboring countries for the sake of long-term peace and stability. The projects it has been proposing, including the Belt and Road initiative, are aimed at sharing the successes of China's development. Nations in China's periphery which are in urgent need of boosting their economies, like Myanmar, have no excuse to turn down the good faith and benefits provided by Beijing.China's influence in the region is rising because it understands complexity. It knows that when helping Nay Pyi Taw resolve the long-standing ethnic conflicts, respects must be paid to the Myanmese government, instead of pointing an accusing finger without providing realistic remedies. The West is now condemning Myanmar for its violation of human rights simply because the nation did not follow the US suit. The hegemonic behavior will certainly not be accepted by Nay Pyi Taw and will only serve to erode the West's sway in the country. Suu Kyi adopted a flexible diplomatic approach after assuming office as an attempt to strive for as much support as possible from the international community for Myanmar's economic development and peace process. The US is now making no secret of its frustration after failing to turn Myanmar into its own turf. The New York Times once published an article entitled "Did the World Get Aung San Suu Kyi Wrong?" The author failed to realize that the US, or the West, cannot represent the world. This arrogance has disturbed their judgment. In the end, the West will only get the world wrong. The same goes with US long-standing approach - treating everything as a fight for influence in its foreign policies. Eventually, those that have been wooed by the US will only move closer to China, as they cannot rely on US moral principles to govern their countries.澳门下载app送35元彩金大全Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday sent condolences to his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, over a massive earthquake in Iran which left at least 445 people dead and over 7,100 others injured. In his message, Xi said that he was shocked at the strong earthquake that caused heavy causalities and property loss in Iran. "On behalf of the Chinese government and people, as well as in my own name, I offer my deep condolences to the victims of the powerful earthquake, and offer my sincere sympathies to those injured and the families of the victims," Xi said. "I believe that the Ir。anian people, under the leadership of you and your government, will surely overcome this difficulty and combat the disaster. The Chinese people stand firmly with the Iranian people during this difficult time," he noted. The 7.3-magnitude tremor struck an area along the Iran-Iraq border on Sunday with its epicenter located approximately 32 km south of the city of Halabja in eastern Iraq, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).The Paris Agreement remains a historic treaty signed by 194 and ratified by 147 counties, which therefore cannot be renegotiated based on the request of a single party, emphasized the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in a statement released Thursday evening. The Bonn-based UN secretariat expressed regret over the announcement of the US President Donald Trump that the US 。government will withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Agreement, saying it is ready to engage in dialogue with the US government regarding the implications of this announcement. The Paris Agreement, with profound credibility, is aimed at reducing risk to economies and lives everywhere, while building the foundation for a more prosperous, secure and sustainable world, the secretariat said, adding that the agreement was forged by all nations and is supported by a growing number of businesses, investors, cities, states, regions and citizens. "We are committed to continue working with all governments and partners in their efforts to fast forward climate action at global and national levels," the secretariat said.。