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网站历史库(www.54zz.com):Illustration: Liu Rui/GTChina has increased its diplomatic efforts toward developing countries, especially in Latin America, since the new government came into office in 2013. Chinese leaders visited Latin America five times from 2001 to 2012, and once a year from 2013 to 2016 - much more frequently than before. President Xi Jinping made official visits to Latin America in 2013 and 2014, and the ongoing one from November 17 to 23 is the third time that he visited the region.While China is actively developing its export-oriented economy, Latin American countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela are seeking more opportunities to cooperate with the world's second-largest economy, and attempting to hitchhike on China's rise to help themselves out from domestic economic difficulties. Although Latin America is not included in China's One Belt and One Road initiative, overall Sino-Latin American cooperation has seen rapid improvement. Xi proposed to build a "hand-in-hand community of common destiny" with Latin American countries in 2014. In the same year, the Forum of China-Community of Latin American and Caribbean States was officially established, and thence the bilateral cooperation has been upgraded into overall cooperation between China and 33 Latin American countries as a whole. In 2015 the Chinese government set up the post of special representative on Latin American affairs.China's strategic partnership network in the region is worth attention. China established comprehensive strategic partnerships with Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela, and strategic partnerships with Chile, Ecuador and Costa Rica from 2012 to 2015. China's relationship with its major economic and trade partners in Latin America has been upgraded in only four years.Improved diplomatic relations have boosted economic development. While world economies are struggling with recession, trade contraction and economic upheaval, Sino-Latin American trade has maintained steady development due to their economic complementarity and China's active economic diplomacy in the region.Statistics from the Ministry of Commerce suggests that Chinese enterprises have invested heavily in Latin America. China's FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in Latin America reached $106.1 billion by 2014, almost three times that of Africa. A report from HSBC suggests that 13 Latin American countries absorbed $83.9 billion in investment from China from 2005 to the first half of 2013, among which investment in Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and Ecuador accounted for 76 percent.China's investment in Latin America surged in 2015. Its non-financial investment in the region reached $21.46 billion in 2015, an increase of 67 percent from 2014, making 18.2 percent of China's total FDI. The growth rate is much higher than in other regions. There are more than 1,500 Chinese enterprises in Latin America at present.However, risks in Sino-Latin American economic cooperation should be squarely faced. Venezuela's economy shrank by 5.7 percent in 2015, and its inflation rate reached a peak of 180 percent. The instability of Nicolas Maduro's regime has caused the economic situation to deteriorate. Construction of the China-funded Tinaco-Anaco Railway, worth of $7.5 billion, has been suspended due to debt problems. A number of huge loans from China valued at $47 billion are at risk as well.But in the meantime, the potential for cooperation with more Latin American countries should be tapped, and the engine for Sino-Latin American cooperation should be further improved. Cooperation in energy, infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing, technological innovation and information technology fits Latin America's industrial restructuring and should be enhanced by both sides.Industrial cooperation can be a new growth point. Following de-industrialization in the 1980s, Latin American countries need to develop manufacturing, and meanwhile China has accumulated excessive funds and capacity. The Ministry of Commerce predicted that China's investment may exceed $500 billion in the next five years, growing by 10 percent annually. Frequent top-level visits and economic diplomacy that explore emerging markets in Asian, African and Latin American countries serve to tackle China's challenges of in。adequate demand and excess liquidity, speeding up domestic economic restructuring and promoting global 。economic growth.In the past three years, China and Latin America have been exploring new cooperative projects. This will strengthen economic cooperation and make room for more cooperation between the two sides. It will also alleviate the pressure put on China by the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership.The author is an associate research fellow with the Institute of International Relations, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. opinion@globaltimes.com.cnVolkswagen AG (VW) aims to be the world leader in electric cars by 2025, brand chief Herbert Diess said Tuesday, as the German car giant shifts its focus to clean-energy vehicles after an emissions cheating scandal."By 2025 we plan to sell 1 million electric cars per year, and by then we also want to be the global market leader in electromobility," Diess said at a presentation of the brand's future plans."Going forward our electric cars will be the hallmark of Volkswagen," he told reporters at the。 VW group's headquarters in northern Germany.The switch to electric will be funded through new investments and economies of scale, Diess said, and the move will be a crucial part of the troubled brand's efforts to reinvent itself.The German automaker on Friday announced its biggest revamp ever, saying that it would cut 30,000 jobs to save 3.7 billion euros ($3.9 billion) a year by 2020, while increasing investment in technologies such as electric cars, self-driving cars and digitalization."Our industry will undergo more fundamental change over the next 10 years than ever before," Diess said, predicting that "the breakthrough" of electric cars is four or five years a。way and that it will be driven by environmental concerns."For most customers the electric car will soon be the better alternative," he said.The shake-up at VW's core brand comes as the group tries to recover from the biggest crisis in its history after it admitted last year to installing emissions cheating software in some 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide.The so-called defeat devices could detect when a vehicle was undergoing regulatory tests and lowered emissions accordingly to make the cars seem less polluting than they were.The crisis hurt sales and damaged the image of the German company, pushing it to its first loss in more than two decades last year.Even before the scandal, the VW brand had been struggling with profitability.AFP自助领取彩金38。


Former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Thursday described the scheme of demonetisation as "a monumental mismanagement" and said it will drag India's GDP by 2 percentage points. "This scheme of demonetisation, the way it has been implemented will hurt agricultural growth in our country, will hurt small industry, will hurt all those people who are in the informal sectors of the economy," Singh said in his address in the Upper House of Indian parliament. "And my own feeling is that the national income, i.e. the GDP of the country, can decline by about two percentage points as a result of what has been done. This is an underestimate, not an overestimate," he added. Singh questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi's policy of putting curbs on withdrawing money from the bank. "I would like to know from the prime minister, the names of any countries he may think of where people have deposited their money in the banks but they are not allowed to withdraw their money," he said. Earlier this month, in a surprise televised address, the Indian prime minister announced withdrawal of currency notes of 500 and 1,000 Indian rupees from India's financial system. He described the move as part of his anti-corruption drive to stop counterfeit and black money. The currency notes of 500 and 1,000 ceased to be legal tender since then and people were urged to get the notes swapped at banks and pos。t offices until December 30. Beyond that until March 31, the depositors have to furnish identity proof. The move has triggered panic among the people who queued outside banks and ATMs to exchange the banned currency notes and withdraw cash, besides causing huge disruptions to daily life. India is an overwhelmingly cash-based economy and banned currency notes are estimated to be 85 percent of the cash in circulation in the country. Media reports have attributed over 60 deaths to demonetisation across India. These include suicides, cardiac arrests and hospital casualties owing to non-availability of money. Since the announcement, the government has faced serious criticism。 from opposition, especially inside the parliament. Opposition lawmakers demand statement from Modi and caused disruptions in the parliament. On Thursday, both the Houses of parliament were adjourned for the day over the demonetisation issue. Singh's Congress party-led government lost power to Modi's Bhartiya Janta Party two years ago.自助领取彩金38Oil prices continued to rise on world markets Friday as hopes of producer action to control output continued to cheer investors.Already up nearly $2 the day before, a barrel of West Texas Intermediate for September delivery again rose $1 to close at $44.49 on the New York Mercantile Exchange.In London, North Sea Brent for October delivery rose $0.93 to $46.97 a barrel on the Intercontinental Exchange.Oil futures suffered a bearish July, with prices sinking on worries of bloated inventories and shaky demand.But according to Paul Flynn of Price Futures Group, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and the International Energy Agency have signaled they expect demand may rise and market forces could re-balance.Poor recent economic indic。ators had helped soften the US dollar on exchange markets, which can make dollar-denominated oil contracts more attractive to international buyers, according to Flynn."But on an even bigger picture, the market's focusing on this potential for an OPEC deal at this meeting in Algeria next month," Flynn told AFP.Saudi Arabian oil minister Kahlid al-Falih。 was quoted Thursday as saying producers could use next month's OPEC meeting to discuss "any possible action" on stabilizing markets, despite the record Saudi production levels last month."The reason why we flicked the switch and turned sentiment around for the first time since the Brexit vote is that we're now more optimistic we're going to see demand continue to be strong and supplies average out," Flynn said.。

At least two dozen peo。ple were killed as a passenger bus veered off the road and plunged down at Birta Deurali of Kavrepalanchok district of central Nepal on Monday afternoon, said an official of the District Administration Office of Kavrepalanchowk. Bal K。rishna Panthi, Chief District Officer of Kavrepalanchowk, told Xinhua that around 25 people were killed as the bus carrying around 40 passengers plunged 150 meter down the road. He said several people have been injured in the accident, which took place around 1:00 p.m. The bus was heading from capital Kathmandu to Koshipari area of Kavrepalanchowk. Panthi said a helicopter has been sent from Kathmandu to the accident spot for rescuing injured passengers and ambulances are carrying the injured to nearby hospitals.自助领取彩金38。

A group of 25 Hungarian police officers left for Macedonia on Friday to assist their Macedo。nian counterparts in patrolling the Greece-Macedonia border against illegal migrants, the Hungarian National Police said. This is the eighth group of Hungarian police to work in Mace。donia and they are set to remain in Macedonia until Dec. 23. The Hungarians will be working with all-terrain vehicles, thermal imaging cameras, and night vision equipment.&#;,&#;,&#;theThe New Development Bank (NDB), also known as the BRICS bank, announced Tuesday that its board of directors approved two loans for projects in China and India.The NDB will provide a sovereign project loan of 2 billion yuan ($290 million) to the Putian Pinghai Bay Offshore Wind Power Project in East China's Fujian Province and a sovereign loan of $350 million to the Madhya Pradesh Major District Roads Project, the ba。nk said in a statement it sent to the Global Times.It also noted w。ith the approval of the two new projects, total approvals for the first full year of the bank's operations stand at seven projects involving financial assistance of more than $1.5 billion.Also, the NDB's board of directors discussed and approved the bank's plans for the next year, including the Funding Plan for 2017 to support lending of $2.5 billion.。


US-listed Chinese companies traded generally higher on Wednesday, with eight of the top 10 stocks by weight in the S&P US Listed China 50 index ending the day on an upbeat note.Shares of New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc. and shares of JD.com, surged 4.12。 percent and 2.94 percent respectively, leading the advancers in the top 10 stocks of the index, while shares of Yum China Holdings, Inc. dropped 2.06 percent as the biggest laggard among the 10 st。ocks.Meanwhile, shares of Alibaba, China's e-commerce giant listed in the US equity market, rose 0.90 percent, while shares of Baidu, another famous tech giant in China, fell 0.57 percent.The Cboe Volatility index, widely considered the best fear gauge in the stock market, fell 3.43 percent to 17.72 on Wednesday.As of Tuesday, the S&P US Listed China 50 index stood at 3,257.10, marking a 0.25-percent gain for the month-to-date returns and a 5.37-percent increase for the year-to-date returns.US stocks ended mixed on Wednesday after volatile trading, as Gary Cohn, the chief economic advisor to US President Donald Trump, announced plans to resign from his post.At the close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 82.76 points, or 0.33 percent, to 24,801.36. The S&P 500 decreased 1.32 points, or 0.05 percent, to 2,726.80. The Nasdaq Composite Index was up 24.64 points, or 0.33 percent, to 7,396.65.A survival rate report for breast cancer patients recently released by Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center shows that patients under the age of 35 diagnosed at this hospital account for only 8 percent since 2008, and patients under 40 and above 50 account for 16 percent and 50 percent respectively, Wenhui Daily reported Thursday.The report has representative significance because the hospital attended to nearly half of the total number of all breast cancer cases in Shanghai in 2017. The five-year disease-free survival rate is as high as 85.5 percent, similar to developed European countries and the US. At。 present, the average age when breast cancer is diagnosed in major cities across China is 45 year-old, about 10 years earlier than European countries and the US. It is expected that breast cancer patients aged 65 and older will account for 27 percent of the total number。 of all breast cancer patients in China by 2030.。

A group of United Nations (UN) experts on Tuesday issued a statement stressing that breastfeeding is a human rights issue for babies and mothers and should be protected and promoted for the benefit of both. They also urged states to take urgent action to stop the "misleading, aggressive and inappropriate" marketing of breast milk substitutes in a multi-billion-dollar global industry. Those who signed the statement include UN Special Rapporteurs on。 the right to health, Dainius Puras, and on the right to food, Hilal Elver, as well as the UN Working Group on discrimination against women, and the Committee on the Rights of the Child. "These marketing practices often negatively affect t。he choices women make on how to feed their infants in the best way possible, and can impede both babies and mothers from enjoying the many health benefits of breastfeeding," the experts said. "This is particularly harmful when companies are targeting untapped markets in developing countries because those in developed countries are already saturated," they noted. According to the experts, the tools available to states to crack down on inappropriate marketing practices are not being used sufficiently, and too few states have adopted the necessary stringent, comprehensive and enforceable legal measures. "We call on them to adopt such measures to protect babies and mothers from misleading marketing practices, and fully align with the recommendations contained in the international code of marketing of breast-milk substitutes and subsequent relevant World Health Assembly resolutions," they stressed.Figures given by the experts in the statement showed that only one in three of the world's babies under six months old are exclusively breast-fed.Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said Tuesday the victory of a "No" vote on a Dec. 4 referendum on his government's constitutional reform law would be a "blessing" to a political class who has no intention of relinquishing its privileges. "A 'No' victory would be a gigantic free pass for generations of future politicians, who。 will be allowed to keep the status quo and continue with their back-room deals and sordid little coalitions, just so they can survive," Renzi said. "A 'No' win would be a blessing for them," he added. "But if we win, the country ... will emerge from the quick-sands of bureaucracy that have choked its development thus far." The young reformist premier has been touring Italy from South to North in a bid to attract undecided voters from both the left and the right side of the political spectrum. Renzi, who took office in February 2014 and turns 42 in January, repeated earlier in the day that he intends to quit if a majority of the Italian people reject his landmark reform come Dec. 4. He also rebuffed a comment from the leader of the opposition 5-Star Movement (M5S), Beppe Grillo, who accused the premier's center-left Democratic Party (PD) of flailing about "like a wounded sow". "Would it have made any difference to him if we were a healthy sow?" Renzi quipped. He went on to urge voters not to be fooled and to "read the (referendum) question". On Dec. 4, Italians will be called to answer "yes" or "no" on a question that reads: "Do you approve a constitutional law concerning the scrapping of the bicameral system (of parliament), reducing the number of MPs, containing the operating costs of public institutions, abolishing the National Council on Economy and Labor (CNEL), and amending Title V of the Constitution Part II?" Title V concerns local government and Italy's 100 provinces, which the reform would abolish because they are redundant and expensive. The CNEL has 64 councillors and a president. Most importantly, the reform would reduce the Senate from 315 to 100 members and do away with the equal powers between the Upper and Lower Houses of parliament. Italy's current system has been held responsib。le for Italy's notorious tendency to political gridlock.。


Photo: Courtesy of Fo。untownOn November 8, the Fountown Central Business District Cultural and Creative Community held a promotional event in the Jing Liang Building i。n Chaoyang district. More than 400 entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and representatives from commercial agencies within the industry attended the event.Founded in April 2015 in Shanghai, Fountown specializes in offering community-style office services, especially coworking spaces. It offers shared work spaces for many entrepreneurs and freelancers who need flexible office services. In September 2015, Fountown received a 200 million yuan ($29 million) investment and became one of the only two companies in the coworking space industry with an estimated value of over one billion yuan. Fountown is also the largest company in Shanghai's coworking space industry.下载app领彩金大全Illustration: Lu Ting/GT"Five-nut mooncake now has an official definition."As Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, Chinese mooncakes are starting to appear in local m。arkets. The good news for discerning shoppers is that Standardization Administration of China now has an official definition for the country's famous five-nut (wuren) mooncake. According to the policy, five-nut must literally contain five major raw vegetable seeds: walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, olive kernels and shelled melon seeds. However, the new definition also points out that other plant ingredients like hawthorn, lotus seed paste and red bean may also be included in five-nut mooncakes. Plant seeds are benefici。al in softening blood vessels to prevent arteriosclerosis, increasing disease immunity and aiding children with zinc or iron deficiencies.Sao Paulo have sacked coach Ricardo Gomes after a poor run of results, the Brazilian club said on Wednesday. The announcement followed the Tricolor's 2-0 defeat at Chapecoense on Sunday, a result that left the six-time Brazilian Serie A cha。mpions 13th in the 20-team league standings. Gomes's assistant, Luiz Otavio, also left the c。lub. "We thank them for their work," Sao Paulo football director Marco Cunha told a news conference. "We are going to start new plans looking towards 2017." Gomes, 51, led Sao Paulo to six wins, five draws and seven losses after replacing Edgardo Bauza in August. Assistant coach Luis Preto, known as Pintado, will take charge for the last two matches of the season, Cunha said. Former Sao Paulo goalkeeper and club legend Rogerio Ceni has been touted as a possible candidate to fill the coaching role on a permanent basis next season.。